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Argentina:  Juan and Omar Gava
Our AC churches in the second largest country in South America have been growing and reaching out to other countries for several decades. Several families that immigrated there from Europe continued to worship together in their new country. Jorge and Kathy Nemec ministered there many years in San Salvador where the church continues to function. Juan and Omar Gava are some of the early leaders as well as many other faithful men and women. We in North America continue to be involved in praying for the believers as well as helping with financial support as needed.

Canaan Land Ministries:  Entre RiosFacebook page

Canaan Land Ministries:  TurvoFacebook page

Nepomuceno Boy’s Home

South Pacific Island Ministries

Santarém, Brazil

Fortaleza, Brazil

Parintins, Brazil

Green Olive Tree Ministries

Benjamin & Stephanie Freeman

Xingu River Outreach

Ghana, Africa

Japan; Facebook page


Papua New Guinea